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Wrongful Termination Turns Your Life Upside Down

Losing your job is up there with a death in the family and divorce when it comes to stress. You risk losing your home, your ability to put food on the table and to clothe yourself and your family. Being terminated negatively affects the possibility of getting a different or better job since it can be hard to explain why you’ve lost this one. The financial and emotional impact is devastating. It has far reaching impact on all areas of life, personal and professional.

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What the Law Says About Wrongful Termination

Have you been fired from your job

  • because you made a complaint against your boss?
  • because you made a worker’s compensation claim?
  • because you refused to commit a crime or violate the law?
  • because you reported illegal or dangerous activities happening at work?

If you were fired for any of these reasons, you might have been wrongfully terminated. California is an at-will employment state. However, the law offers you protection from employers who act this way.

Steele Cooper Law understands this and will help you through these trying times each step of the way.

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