Steele Cooper Law Handles Workplace Sexual Harassment Cases With Compassion

Sexually Harassed At Work?

Unfortunately, sexual harassment at work is extremely common. So much so that most people write it off as part of the job—something you have to live with. Fortunately, things are changing for the better. And the law is on your side.

You do not have to endure comments about your body, unwanted touching, or sexual advances. You do not have to accept being treated as a sex object instead of a colleague.

In too many cases, women are expected to laugh it off or be a “good sport.”
Nothing about this is ok.

It does not have to be this way. Steele Cooper Law understands the harm done by situations like these. We’re here to listen, to believe you, to take action for you–and to do so in a compassionate and thoughtful way.

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Types of Sexual Harassment

Has your boss threatened to fire you, demote you, or discipline you if you refuse sexual favors or attention? This is Quid Pro Quo Harassment.

Has your superior at work retaliated against you for ending a sexual relationship? This is Retaliation.

Are you expected to endure a work environment where lewd, suggestive or other sexually charged talk is tolerated? This is a Hostile Work Environment.

All of these are actionable under the law.

The Impact of Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is a form of social and economic oppression. It affects your confidence, it affects the way others see you. It impacts performance and morale. The emotional toll is undeniable. Steele Cooper Law will prosecute your case for you with skill and compassion – taking into account what you’ve lost, emotionally and professionally.

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