Employment Counseling & Investigations (Employers)

Remaining compliant with state and federal labor laws and regulations is no small task for employers.

Steele Cooper Law drawing on experience representing both employees and employers, provides strategic counseling to ensure that employers are doing just that. Steele Cooper Law has extensive experience working with some of the largest and most significant employers in California, which includes helping shape their practices with respect to wage and hour, confidentiality, leaves of absence, disability and religious accommodations, to name a few.  Simply put, prevention is key.

Steele Cooper Law also helps clients to protect their trade secrets and confidential business information, which includes review of employment and whistleblower policies, drafting enforceable noncompetition and confidentiality agreements, and specifically tailored training programs.  When faced with threatened or actual misappropriation, we provide counsel on how to mobilize to mitigate any loss and enforce our client’s rights.  In that regard, Steele Cooper Law has particular expertise in conducting investigations, leveraging (and analyzing) computer forensics, and uncovering information theft.  In addition, to prevent being accused of misappropriation, Steele Cooper Law advises clients on “best practices” when hiring employees from competitors and associated risks.  

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