Steele Cooper Law Welcomes Jarryd Cooper
Steele Cooper Law is pleased to announce that Jarryd Cooper has joined the firm as a partner. Jarryd has represented both employees and employers exclusively in the field of employment law. This unique perspective is invaluable to Steele Cooper Law’s employment law practice.

Jarryd Cooper and Alex Steele went to law school together and studied for the bar together. Each went their own way and practiced at different firms, developing varying parts of their practice. In 2023, they decided it was time to join forces, each bringing their respective skill sets to form a cohesive, comprehensive practice. While Jarryd is the employment law savant, Alex’s practice has been focused on representing plaintiffs, on trial work, and running Steele Cooper Law. Together, Jarryd and Alex are here to support and to fight for you.

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Steele Cooper Law is an Employment and Personal Injury Firm in California

Compassion and Skill through Crisis

We are dedicated to helping employees who have been mistreated and people who have been injured. Losing a job or being physically injured are two of the hardest things to endure in life. These events shake the foundation of life as you know it.

Steele Cooper Law is here so you don’t have to go it alone. As your attorneys, we use both compassion and skill to help clients confront injustice, to survive the challenges of speaking out, and ultimately, to prevail. We serve clients throughout California, including Pasadena, Glendale, Burbank, San Bernardino, and Riverside.

Alexandra T. Steele
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Employment Law

You have a right to be treated fairly. To be treated with respect. To maintain your dignity. We believe you. We are here to stand by you and fight for you.

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We litigate against some of the biggest titans in the legal industry and win. We take tough cases to trial. In us, you have both a fierce advocate and a true believer in your right to justice.

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Personal Injury

Often, injuries happen because someone else fails to do their part in making people safe. We will hold them accountable.

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Alexandra Steele Cooper

(Alexandra T. Steele)

My undergraduate degree is from USC film school. For several years, I had a small production company and supported my creative work by waiting tables, as needed to survive. I also volunteered at Neighborhood Legal Services, helping domestic violence victims file restraining orders. It was that experience that turned me away from film and into law. More than a job choice, it was my calling. I wanted to help people every day.

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Jarryd Cooper

Jarryd has represented employees and management in employment law cases for his entire career. Jarryd graduated from USC in 2008, where he was a member of the varsity tennis team. He then graduated from Loyola Law School, where he was a member of the Dean’s Honor List, and the Loyola International & Comparative Law Review. Following law school, he practiced plaintiff/employee-side employment law before joining the Employment Law Department at Paul Hastings LLP.

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